Caring dog in Perth helps take care more than 80 foster kittens—he is their guardian angel


The world has seen plenty of instances where dogs and cats just cannot get along well no matter what the circumstances are but this loving Shih Tzu has proved the opposite.

Meet this 5-year-old Shih Tzu named Moon from Perth, Australia who helps take care of more than 80 kittens and raises them like his own. The owner of this adorable dog is Kate Hayes, a veterinary nurse at Warwick Vet Hospital in Perth.

Kate Hayes told Good Times that Moon is still working as their customer liaison officer at Warwick vet hospital and as it’s now kitten season again.

“I’m sure we will have some more babies come through that will need our help and Moon’s love,” said Hayes.

Here’s the lovely story of Moon from Warwick Vet Hospital:

Kate did not notice that Moon was actually a saint at heart at first. It began when Kate decided to adopt another kitten named Phoenix

Credit: @Instagram/Cute_Moonbear

However, Phoenix is not like other typical kittens. The poor kitten is disabled and he only has three legs to rely on.

The kitten has just gone through a surgery and when she got home with Kate, Moon quickly fell in love with her

Credit: @Instagram/Cute_Moonbear

The dog kept the kitten company most of the time and he would sit by her cage throughout the day. The pair quickly bonded and they have become close friends.

It did not take long after that for Kate to bring home more foster kittens and Moon was the most excited one when it came to that

Credit: @Instagram/Cute_Moonbear

Some of the kittens were very shy at first but Moon helped them to overcome the emotion and helped them get used to their new home

Credit: @Instagram/Cute_Moonbear

Moon often can be seen tending to kittens whenever he hears them

Credit: @Instagram/Cute_Moonbear

As most of the kittens are orphaned, Moon became their foster dad

Credit: @Instagram/Cute_Moonbear

Over the years, Moon has helped raised more than 80 kittens and he is especially attentive to the sick ones

Credit: @Instagram/Cute_Moonbear

Kate told Love Meow that the dog as if he knows that something is wrong with the kittens so he tries his best to protect and care for them

Credit: @Instagram/Cute_Moonbear

Thanks to Moon’s help, the kittens have grown healthy and well like other normal kittens!

Credit: @Instagram/Cute_Moonbear

Watch Moon’s story and how he adopted 74 kittens in this video here

Credit: Love Meow | Love Meow Facebook | Kate Hayes | @Instagram/Cute_moonbear



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