Girl gets the best of both worlds in a form of a birthday cake and it is filled with money


This little girl might have the best birthday cake ever and it has a special filling that no one has ever seen before—money.

While most people celebrate their birthday with cakes that are topped with various sweet toppings and creamy frostings, this girl has a little bit of extravaganza cake decoration.

In the video, the birthday girl can be seen standing before a table which features a chocolate cake in the middle.

As she looks at the cake, someone behind the camera tells her to pull the “Happy Birthday” topper.

Without suspecting anything, the girl proceeds to pull the cake topper with her right hand and the audience starts to scream with excitement as a string of cash is revealed!

The birthday girl is obviously pleased with the pleasant surprise inside her birthday cake as her face is wreathed in a gleeful smile.

And it looks like the girl is not the only excited at the cash. Apparently, everyone in the birthday party seems to be thrilled when they see the girl keep pulling the long string of cash

It takes quite a while for the girl to finish pulling all the cash out of the cake but we know she will never complain about it!

Watch this inventive birthday cake idea here


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