These bizarre-looking cars stand out on the road from the rest and catch eyeballs


Most of us own quite typical-looking cars but there are some people who prefer to stand out on the road with their eye-catching and dramatic cars that will surely turn every head!

Unlike other cars, these cars scream everything but typical and it is proven in their daring and bold designs. Some cars might even make you question if they are really functional like other typical cars.

Just like this car which is obviously a motorboat in its previous life

However, we do have to admit that it does sport a dashing look like a car with a convertible

If you are worried that your four-wheels does not have much space in the boot, we suggest that you take an inspiration from this car

Now, you do not have to worry about the excess baggage.

Imagine driving down the highway and you see a train coming in the next lane through your side mirror!

It is really hard to imagine but this train-looking car is definitely a real car. The striking car looks like a hybrid between a train and a truck

Just when you think you have seen all the bizarre-looking automotive concepts, this tiny car passes by

This car is so small and compact that the driver can barely fit himself in the driver seat! Nevertheless, we are sure that the driver does not have many problems when it comes to finding a parking space.

While the automotive industry has proved to us their unlimited creativity and innovative skills over the years, nothing that we have seen so far can top these ultimate bold and bizarre car ideas!

How could these car owners think of these creative ideas?

Check out this amazing video compilation of unique cars with extravaganza designs here


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