All rides in this handmade theme park named Osteria ai Pioppi in Venice are manually powered


When people talk about Venice, the usual interpretation of one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations usually revolves around taking a romantic stroll at the Grand Canal and riding the gondola. 

However, there is a hidden gem lies in the romantic city that not many people are aware of and it is nothing like you have ever seen.

Just an hour from Venice, in the municipality of Nervesa Della Battaglia, there is a theme park named Osteria ai Pioppi that is manually powered by people.

Unlike other amusement parks around the world, every ride in this handmade giant amusement park is manually powered

A little bit of pushing and pedalling is all it needs to enjoy the rides

The amusement park is large and there are several rides available for visitors to enjoy.

Concealed by big trees in the area, the amusement park is a part of Osteria ai Pioppi, an Italian restaurant owned by a man named Bruno.

Apparently, the process of building the unique amusement park is not easy as Bruno has been working on building the park for 45 years.

He has singlehandedly crafted each ride by hand and every ride is still working fine today

He slowly builds the theme park during his spare time and the result is absolutely impressive! In spite of Bruno’s minimal knowledge in engineering or construction, he managed to build such an amazing amusement park.

Customers of the restaurant can enjoy the rides for free and it is certainly worth it after tucking into a hearty Italian feast at his restaurant.

Watch this video of Tom Scott who went to visit the human-powered theme park to discover about the fun the park has to offer 

Credit: YouTube/Tom Scott | MentalFloss


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