Romantic elderly couple enjoys a night out by dancing passionately at Miami casino


A beautiful elderly couple goes viral on the internet after taking their romantic evening up a notch by dancing to a reggaeton hit at a casino in Miami.

In the video, the romantic couple can be seen busting dance moves to the song “I Know It” by Cuban reggaeton artists, Yomil and El Dany.

Celina Fajardo and Filiberto Padrón, both are 70 years old. The couple is from Cuba and they have been together for 15 years.

[00:04] The video of the elderly couple having fun dancing on the dance floor in the casino has caught many people’s attention

[00:27] Some even praised their moves saying that they danced better than most younger generations

[01:09] The couple decided to enjoy a night out by dancing passionately at the casino to celebrate Celina’s recent recovery from a knee surgery

She had to be in a wheelchair for eight months because of her knee problems before she went through a surgery.

[01:40] Thanks to her successful operation, she can now enjoy dancing with her partner again 

The video of the couple dancing together was later uploaded on Facebook where it has gained more than 2 million views and 27,000 shares.

The beautiful moment shows nothing but the deep affection they have towards one another. Just pure love.

Watch the viral video of this lovely couple bust out incredible dance moves here

Credit: Facebook/Marcelo Tinelli | Telemundo47


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