Swinging bridge challenge became a viral game in China as people made hilarious attempt to keep their balance


A new amusing and challenging game in central China which tests its players’ body coordination has just become viral on the internet.

The game which takes place at the tourist spot, Shuoping Flower Field in Ruzhou features a swinging bridge made of bamboo plates.

Visitors who love seeking adventurous games are invited to play in the game.

The game consists of two teams who will then try to shake or swing the bridge to get their opponents to fall into the shallow water underneath the bridge 

The fun challenge has shot to fame with millions in China shared their hilarious attempt at not getting thrown into the water.

Due to its increasing fame, the swinging bridge has been featured on a weekly segment on a local television program called Hunan Television. The segment shows guests go against each other to win the swinging bridge challenge

In videos shared by users online, some contestants can be seen clutching to edge of the bridge as their opponents sway the bamboo bridge from side to side to shake them off into the water.

While in another footage, the contestants pound on the bridge competitively until some of them fall into the shallow water

The hilarious challenge has since become a major attraction to the tourist spot which was first opened in October 2014 as many people flock to the spot to try out the challenge.

Watch the hilarious swinging bridge game and see how desperate these fun-seekers are at keeping their balance on the bridge here


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