These playful cats and dogs tease and pull pranks on each other like real siblings


It is a popular belief that cats and dogs do not get along with each other as many instances have shown that they are more of mortal enemies than close friends. 

However, this compilation of cute videos will prove the famous belief wrong.

Far from fighting and quarreling, these adorable cats and dogs could live harmoniously with each other. Sometimes, they are even inseparable!

Like siblings, they often pull cute pranks on each other just like this cat who playfully taps on the dog’s back to surprise him

In another shot, a dog switches the roles as a prankster and gives his sibling cat the surprise of a lifetime

“Oops! I did not realize you were drinking from the glass.”

They may look like they are having a fight but these cat and dog are just playfully teasing each other with their tiny paws

In reality, cats and dogs could get along well with each other and they can form a fast friendship.

For cats and dogs who grew up in a household together, they are highly likely to develop a deep attachment towards each other

Nevertheless, they may enjoy occasional teasing and pulling pranks on each other from time to time

Watch this adorable compilation of videos of cheeky cats and dogs pulling pranks on one another here


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