11-year-old aspiring musician stuns the public in Taiwan with his amazing rendition of Maison Williams’ “Classical Gas” on ukulele


At first glance, this young boy may look like other typical 11-year-olds but wait until you hear when he strums the strings of his ukulele.

This extraordinarily talented boy from Taipei, Taiwan, Feng E once stunned David Foster on Asia’s Got Talent in which he earned a golden buzzer that sent him straight to the semifinals.

Thanks to his incredible performance during the talent show, he became a massive phenomenon in both his home country and international.

He once began playing the ukulele to improve his fingers’ slow development but now, Feng E can be seen stunning the locals on the streets by strumming his ukulele.

Here in this video, the young boy is playing the beautiful rendition of “Classical Gas” by Mason Williams

Like a true music prodigy, the young boy strums the strings of his ukulele to play the cover effortlessly

The rendition is totally captivating and stunning that it is quite hard to believe that it is performed by a young boy.

For an 11-year-old, Feng E absolutely has a way to blow people’s mind away with his unique talent and musical skills! 

If you haven’t heard Feng E before this, this video will show you just how talented this aspiring musician is.

Watch the full rendition of “Classical Gas” performed by him in this video here


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