Brazilian guitar duo performs amazing rendition of “Tico Tico No Fuba” on just one guitar


Playing a musical piece that requires two guitars on just one guitar is certainly not easy to pull off but this popular guitar duo from Brazil makes it look so easy.

Meet one of the world’s most prestigious guitar duo, The Siqueira Lima Guitar Duo who never fails to stun their audience with their daring and captivating interpretation of two-guitar pieces.

Famous for their interesting arrangements on Brazilian instrumentals and classical works, the pair first met during an international competition for guitar.

Fernando Lima and Cecilia Siqueira were both tied in the first place in the competition in 2002 and since then, they have formed a duo to perform together

The couple usually performs together with separate guitars but this time, they decided to take on a unique approach to play the famous Brazilian song “Tico Tico no Fuba” by composer Zequinha de Abreu.

Even though the piece can be quite tricky to be performed on one guitar, this amazingly talented duo managed to perform the piece with their perfect synchronisation

There was definitely a great deal of precision and coordination needed to pull it off perfectly and this couple effortlessly did.

You can definitely tell the couple who is married to each other has fun playing the piece together

Watch the harmonious sound of the guitar duo in this video here


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