North Korea’s elite girl group stuns the audience with their incredibly fast costume change while performing on the stage


Like their famous southern counterpart, North Korea is also keeping up with the current trend in pop culture by having their own girl group and it is nothing like you have ever seen before.

Meet North Korea’s top girl group, The Wang Jae San Light Music Band which is popular for their incredibly fast costume change while performing on the stage!

The video begins with all the members of the girl group dancing their way to the center in matching red dresses

Each one of them can be seen holding a short stick as a prop

A few seconds into the performance, the ladies then gather at the center to form a circle. They later transform the stick into a mini flower bouquet

However, that is not the main gimmick of their performance.

As the song progresses, the ladies later line up before forming a circle. In a blink of an eye, all the members have instantly changed into a bright yellow dress!

Their stunning transformation definitely leaves the audience in awe

The girl group is incredibly in sync and the costume change does not just end there.

In fact, they change into five different dresses for the 3-minute performance alone

Each dress is visibly unique and different from the previous one!

Their amazing synchronization and gimmick are not a total surprise since sources reveal that every member of the elite North Korean girl group was personally selected by the late Kim Jong Il.

They have also undergone a series of tough training in order to achieve perfection in every performance.

Watch this North Korean girl group’s unique performance here 

Credit: YouTube/Hellokpop 


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