These cheeky mice prove they are the smarter species by playing dead in front of cats


Compared to their rodent counterparts, cats may win the popular vote in terms of being one of the most popular house pets. 

However, when it comes to intelligence, mice may be smarter than cats and dogs!

This hilarious video compilation of mice pretending to be dead in front cats will show you why this rodent species is more quick-witted than you think they are.

While most smaller animals will scurry away from cats, mice, however, prefer to take a completely opposite approach to escape the danger by pretending to be dead.

There is no need to run away, just pretend to be dead!

In one shot of the video, this smart and cheeky mouse can be seen taking a quick glance to check if the cat is still looking at him

It seems like the clever trick works as the cat finally walks away after standing in front of the ‘dead’ mouse.

Just look at the mouse peeking at the cat several times!

On the other hand, another smart mouse decided to make full use of his small size to cling to a cat and scare him. What a brilliant strategy!

Meanwhile, this brave mouse reverses the role by chasing the cat while the scaredy cat runs around in a circle in a desperate attempt to escape from the mouse

Even though mice are one of the standard preys for cats due to their relatively smaller size, these mice prove that quick thinking and strategy is all that is needed to win the fight even if the opponent is larger than you.

Watch this funny video compilation between mice and cats and see for yourself which of these species is smarter 


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