Cheeky seal poses for photo shoot with a Dominican family and this little boy couldn’t get his eyes off


Seals are semi-aquatic animals that can come on land or sleep in the waters. Just like dolphins, seals are highly intelligent animals that can communicate by thrilling and clicking their fins and tongues to make different noises.

So, can anyone remember how they reacted when they see the clever mammal up close for the first time? It seems like this cute toddler from Dominican Republic will be remembering this moment forever.

Mis Eliana Jaquez was on a vacation at Ocean World Adventure Park & Marina with her man and only child, Milan.

After the seal performance, audiences get to take pictures with the stars of the show.

Milan seems deeply curious and unafraid and when the seal stuck its head in between his parents, Milan was starstruck.

The photographer in the background called out to Milan to face the camera. The clever seal acted foolishly adorable by throwing in a cheeky smile when Milan didn’t respond to anyone.

The photographer called out again and Milan only looked in a camera in a short second before the seal stuck out its tongue, making Milan laugh.

Everyone around started to call out to Milan to look into the camera but he couldn’t listen. Then, the seal struck another jaw-dropping pose for the perfect picture.

The photographer’s frustration is obvious when he yelled the little boy’s name and his mother had to headlock Milan’s head for a final picture.

After all that chaos and comedy, his mother wrote on her Facebook, “My belly hurts from laughing so much. I do not know who is more fun;Milan, seal or the photographer”

We would say it’s the seal from the video below:

Photo and Video credit: Mis Eliana Jaquez


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