Adorable moment dog refuses to make peace with his owner before she expresses her heartfelt apology


There is nothing worse than accidentally stepping on your cat’s tail or tripping over your dog.

Even so, they should already know that them resting in the middle of the hallway or anywhere else where we frequently walk always ends up badly for everyone involved.

Plus, although the tripping incident is purely accidental, a heartfelt apology is always required at the end to fix things.

A similar incident occurred to one owner when her dog, Ralphie did not want to easily forgive his owner over something. We are not sure what the owner did to Ralphie but we can see that the dog was pretty upset with what happened.

“Hey, what’s up? Are you angry with me?” the lady asked Ralphie who sat on the floor with a visibly sulky expression on his face

Ralphie who was obviously sad later on took a cold and spiteful glance at his owner after she repeatedly asked him what was wrong

“Did I do something to you?” she asked. “Why are you looking at me like that?” 

“Do not come with those. You know exactly what you did. And you’d better apologize,” was what Ralphie was probably thinking in his mind

“Ralphie? Are you mad at me? Are you not even going to look at me? You’re not even going to look at me? ”

After a moment of asking Ralphie questions, the lady then said the one thing that Ralphie had been waiting to hear. “I am sorry! I am sorry!” the lady said to Ralphie.

And finally! Ralphie gave in to his owner after her heartfelt apology. After all, it only needed to hear the “Sorry” word and all was forgiven

Ralphie has been living with his owner and her family since several years ago along with his brother, Boss

Credit: YouTube/raisingFISHERmen


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