This Golden Retriever is a diving expert as she can effortlessly dive to the bottom of the sea to pick up stuffs


It is a well-known fact that dogs are relatively good swimmers but this particular dog from Japan has set the bar higher for its jaw-dropping diving skills!

The amazing dog from Japan goes viral on the internet for its diving and retrieving objects at the bottom of the sea.

The dog which goes with the name Jill loves diving and is not afraid to do so every time it gets near the water.

Its diving skills are proven in the many videos that its owner share on Instagram.

One video, in particular, shows Jill diving to the bottom of the sea to retrieve a brick

As can be seen in the video, Jill effortlessly dives into the water. It only takes it a brief moment before it gets to the brick

However, its first diving attempt encounters a hiccup as it goes up to the surface to catch some oxygen

Nevertheless, the determined dog dives back into the sea and this time, it quickly swims its way to the brick and bites it!

It is obvious that this dog is extremely good at diving and people are falling in love with its amusing talent.

Jill has its own Instagram page where videos of it diving and swimming can be found.

Watch Jill diving to the bottom of the sea like a mermaid in this video here 

Credit: Instagram/@akikoujill


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