Meet the most popular Kazakh singer in China who stuns the world with his amazing soprano voice


This 24-year-old singer from Kazakhstan is the latest singing sensation in China and he is massively popular in the country for an amazing reason.

Dimash Kudaibergen is an aspiring singer, composer and musician from Kazakhstan who is popular for his incredible vocal range that not many can challenge.

His soprano voice can easily tackle the most challenging song like this one here that he performed during the opening of the international arts festival in Belarus, Slavianski Bazaar in July 2018

Kudaibergen gave a stunning performance with an extremely astonishing French song called S.O.S d’un terrien en détresse, or “S.O.S. of a Man in Distress”

The song was originally written by the late Daniel Balavoine for 1976 rock opera, Starmania.

Paired with his exceptionally 5-octave vocal range, Kudaibergen stunned the audience with his heart wrenching interpretation of the song 

Thanks to his unique singing talent, it does not take one to think why this 1.9-meter tall singer rose to fame in his home country and in China.

He first gained fame as a singer in China with the very same song which he performed on China’s Hunan TV’s popular television program, Singer 2017

It was said that he had risen to stardom in China with his performance of S.O.S. by the Astana Times. In just one night, the singer has gained millions of followers on his Weibo account.

Currently, the singer is planning to carve his name as an international singer. Kudaibergen wishes to introduce Kazakh music to the world through his tour.

Watch the hair-raising performance from Dimash Kudaibergen in this video here

Credit: The Star | YouTube/Dimash Kudaibergen


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