The Savitsky Cats wows the audience and the judges with their incredibly adorable routine on America’s Got Talent


These fluffy cats are more than just adorable—they are the latest America’s darlings!

The Savitsky Cats blow the audience’s and the judges’ mind, including the tough-to-please Simon Cowell who is well-known for his cut-throat comments.

Along with their feline companions, the mother-daughter duo Svetlana and Marina, the cats have impressed everyone with their incredible actions

During the America’s Got Talent stage, the cats performed various tricks including weaving in and out barriers, jumping rhythmically with each other and maneuvering through a monkey bar

They have also captivated the audience’s heart by walking adorably on their hind legs

Training the cats is proved to be quite tough. It is a well-known fact that cats are not as compliant like dogs, which has helped the team to earn massive praises from the judges.

Simon, in his comment, said, “You know why that was so impressive? Because dogs want to please. Cats are like, “Make me.” They had sort of like “cattitude.”

Meanwhile, Heidi Klum who is visibly impressed with the cats’ antics said, “Obviously I am also very impressed. I used to have a cat and even if I would call her name, she wouldn’t even come inside of the house.”

Even better, all four judges gave a “Yes” to The Savitsky Cats!

Watch the famous tricks that these cats perform on America’s Got Talent here

Credit: YouTube/America’s Got Talent


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