Canadian realist painter Sarah McKendry explains how she juggles being a stay at home mama to two toddlers, a supportive wife, and a successful artist


For many of us, it is already considered a marvel for us to paint a picture that is decipherable for others. Imagine painting an artwork that carries expression, soul and deep meaning of the spirit on the canvas.

For Sarah McKendry, she’s gifted. The Canadian artist shows her natural skill to effortlessly meld all her emotions into her paintings. Her artwork is mostly wildlife and portrait pieces, the landscape of mountains and forests.

She first picked up the paintbrush in 2008 and managed to teach herself to paint professionally as she polished and refined her skills in a mere 10 year span

She explains to Good Times “I live to capture the spirit with each stroke of my brush, and I will not stop painting until there is a soul staring back at me on the canvas”

The landscape paintings are what she calls “extensions of distant memories”. If looked closely, one can almost feel the mist and air drifting in the air surrounding them!

Presently, her paintings are highly sought after and can be found in homes and private collections all over the world

Sarah McKendry is not only an artist, she’s also a full-time mother of two boys, a loving wife and an author

Being a mother of two boys is not easy, as one would expect to have one’s hands full most of the time but Sarah has made it work by painting after her kids have hit the sack and she is free to indulge in her passion of putting her heart and soul on a blank canvas

“In this online world that is oozing with judgement and negativity, I wanted to put a positive spin on being a new parent that may inspire our fellow mamas to not give up on their dreams and goals just because a sweet babe has entered the picture,” said McKendry.

Sarah McKendry:

I struggled through both of my pregnancies battling with everyone else’s notion and opinion of what my life would be like when my boys were born. Every single day someone would make a comment telling me that I would never have any time for myself, that my business would never survive, and that there is definitely no way that I would be able to keep painting like I do.

Even though I was aware that those naysayers were possibly projecting their own regrets onto my story; my sweet sensitive soul always took their words to heart. To all of the new moms and moms to be out there, I wish I had someone that sat me down and told me what I am about to tell you.

Motherhood is an incredible, terrifying, exhausting, heart bursting, overwhelming, soul soaring, depleting, and completely unpredictable journey that nobody can possibly prepare you for. The emotions are enormous, the love you experience is absolutely immeasurable, and the inspiration that those tiny humans feed into your soul is the greatest gift that you will ever be given.

Some days are going to be hard. Really freaking hard. But once you find that rhythm with your little nugget, you begin to see that there is space and time and energy to fulfill the other aspects of your spirit if you are willing to work hard for it. And it is hard. But it is attainable and exciting and all the more rewarding when you lay your head down on your pillow at the end of each day, and realize all of the magic that you accomplished with your own hands.

You do not need validation from anyone to be a warrior mom and a successful builder of your dreams. You do not need to conform to outdated opinions of what your life will be and what you can and can not do once you bring your babe into this world. Let all of that float away on the summer breeze and instead write your own story filled with pages upon pages of things that fire you up and get your gears a turning.

Life flies by in the blink of an eye it seems, and you are absolutely capable of reaching heights that you never thought imaginable if you just change your mindset and start chasing your visions into reality. What an amazing gift to give yourself and an even greater gift to give your children, who will witness first hand what sets their mamas’ heart on fire beyond her tremendous role of being their number one fan.

For someone who never had formal training in the craft, Sarah McKendry shows us that hard work will spell itself with perseverance and sincerity!

‘The Little Wild Wonders’ is her latest project. It is a children’s book written and illustrated by herself that is endlessly inspired by her experience of motherhood. The book is set to be released this coming October.

Photo and video courtesy of: Sarah McKendry


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