Meet lucky dog Dony, mascot of Air Busan office, who is surrounded by flight attendants


Meet Dony, the dog who is living the high life surrounded and pampered by beautiful flight attendants!

In a hilarious short documentary by SBS TV, Dony, the mascot of Air Busan office, can be seen being totally firm with his preference, he only wants to be surrounded by female flight attendants.

Image credit: SBS TV

“After a flight is really tired, but once Dony welcomes me, all the fatigue is gone. He is really our mascot!” said one of the air stewardess to SBS TV.

The dog is totally choosy when it comes to who can hold and hug him—he only prefers female flight attendant

Image credit: SBS TV

Even when a male flight attendant approaches him in a friendly manner, Dony reacts coldly towards him.

Image credit: SBS TV

He will stretch out his paw in a bid to refuse the male flight attendant from getting close to him

Image credit: SBS TV

However, the opposite happens when he meets female flight attendants.

Dony who gives a cold and unfriendly reaction to the male flight attendant earlier behaves like a puppy in the arms of beautiful ladies.

Image credit: SBS TV

The dog is a regular presence in the flight attendants’ office where he can be seen hanging out with a group of female flight attendants or simply waiting for them at the office’s entrance

Image credit: SBS TV

Nevertheless, behind his glamorous and pampered life, Dony has a tragic story. He was found wandering alone in the parking lot, completely lost and abandoned.

Luckily, one kind-hearted female flight attendant saw him and she brought him to the office where it was warm and safe

Image credit: SBS TV

Ever since that day, Dony only follows her and other female flight attendants. He is always ready to greet them when they have finished their flight duty.

Thanks to his regular presence at their office, the lucky dog even gets his own uniform!

Image credit: SBS TV

Watch Dony’s story and how he became the mascot of the office in this heartwarming video here

Credit: YouTube/SBS TV


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