Halo the dog is dubbed as “The best pool playing dog in the world” for his impressive pool skills


Imagine you are playing pool with your friends and at the next table, there stands a dog who is beating other players with its impressive pool skills.

It is not an imaginary scene from a cartoon movie since there is an actual dog which very talented in playing pool.

Halo the dog has shot to fame after a video of him playing pool while showing off his amazing pool skills

The dog does not only manage to shoot balls straight on but he also uses tricks to score points in the game

Halo is believed to come from Los Angeles, the United States where he can be seen conquering the pool table with his paw.

While other players use a cue to shoot the balls, the talented dog only uses his paw to play pool. Even so, he still manages to score some very impressive shots and tricks!

Just look at how Halo bounces the balls effortlessly and send them straight to the pockets like a professional

The video of Halo playing pool has caused a heated discussion among the online community of which the public is divided on whether or not Halo is truly a talented dog.

Some viewers believe that Halo is indeed a gifted dog who loves playing pool. User De Godzelf commented, “‘It’s awesome, great video, like it. You have a really awesome dog.”

However, some viewers think that the video is the result of video editing tool. One viewer wrote, “‘I think he used every effect in movie maker.”

What do you think?

Check out this video of Halo playing pool and see for yourself if the video has been edited or not here


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