5 simple acupressure techniques that can give fast pain relief to your headache and migraine


Having a headache or a migraine once in a while is common for most people. Whether it is caused by stress, cold, muscle strain or anxiety, headache and migraine can worsen if they are not treated properly when the early symptoms arise.

Luckily, most headaches will go away with some over-the-counter medicines like aspirin, ibuprofen and paracetamol. These over-the-counter treatments can provide fast relief to a painful headache but it is not recommended to consume these medicines for a long period as they have dangerous side effects.

For a better alternative for a long-term treatment, modern medicine has recommended those who are prone to having headache or migraine to try acupressure, an alternative medicine technique which has been practiced in China since 5,000 years ago.

Similar to acupuncture, acupressure applies finger pressure to specific points on the body. Activation of these specific points on the body with pressure is said to improve blood flow, release tension as well as promote healing and relaxation.

There are five acupressure points that you can apply pressure to relieve a headache and a migraine pain.

  1. Sinus

Use your fingertip to apply pressure on the “drilling bamboo” point which is located on the upper ridge of your eye sockets. Press and gently massage on the area for one minute with your fingertip or thumb. This can help relieve a headache caused by eyestrain.

2. Migraine

Apply pressure on the middle of your eyebrows for one minute. For better effect, use your thumb to apply pressure on the areas.

3. Neck pain

Apply pressure on the middle of the back of your neck and gently massage with your fingers for two minutes. This can help reduce dizziness, sore throat, ear pain, eyestrain and nosebleed.

4. Cluster headache

Press on the tip of your eyebrows with your index finger and middle finger for five seconds.

5. Tension headache

Apply pressure on the “union valley” for five seconds. Repeat the same step with the other hand. Next, gently massage your shoulders for one minute. This can help relieve pain caused by a toothache, neck pain, shoulder pain and constipation.

For more info and demonstration of this acupressure technique, check out the video below.

Credit: Facebook/Make it Easy


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