Adorable kitten tries his best to not let mother cat from grooming his fur


Cats spend almost half of their time daily just to lick themselves and the routine is very essential to them as it is more than just a simple grooming.

Apart from cleaning themselves, cats lick their body to stimulate blood flow, for warmth and sometimes for relaxation.

For mother cats, they usually lick their kittens to clean and groom them. Kitten will typically start to groom themselves when they have turned four weeks old but sometimes, they get too distracted by the furry or squeaky toy that the mother cat has to step in.

Like this kitten who is eager to play outside but then the mother cat knows that the kitten needs to clean himself first before he can play.

“But mom, I want to play now.”

However, the playful kitten does not want to! He wants to play instead of cleaning himself. Poor the mother cat who seems to have a little bit of struggle to get a hold of her kitten.

“Let me go, mom!”

Even when the mother cat is trying to lick him clean, the kitten still thinks of escaping, wriggling his adorable body as much as he can to loosen his mother’s grip!

“Don’t worry, you can play as much as you want after I lick you clean.”

The kitten is sure feisty and cute. Just look at how stubborn he is!

Watch how adorable the kitten is when he wants to escape from his mother in this video here 


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