Innovative Filipino inventor builds world’s smallest flying sports car to tackle traffic congestion


The Phillippines’ capital, Manila, is notoriously known for its extreme traffic congestion, ranked just behind Thailand’s Bangkok and Indonesia’s Jakarta according to a 2017 survey conducted by the global firm, Boston Consulting Group (BCG). 

Due to the city’s heavy traffic that can see commuters getting stuck in a traffic for more than an hour daily, one innovative Filipino man is inspired to tackle the problem with his brilliant idea.

Kyxz Mendiola went from a performer of Philippine AllStars to a creative inventor who invented a flying car

The idea of the flying vehicle has crossed his mind six years ago but it was only recently that his idea began to take shape

Mendiola just recently did the first successful test flight of his flying vehicle prototype, an ultralight aircraft called “Koncepto Millenya”.

The test flight saw Mendiola successfully flew the prototype eight meters above the ground

Koncepto Millenya is technically a bigger drone which could accommodate one person. Mendiola used similar material typically used in aircraft engineering to build Koncepto Millenya.

The prototype is fully powered by batteries which allows it to fly in the air around 12 to 15 minutes.

At first, the prototype was more of a hoverboard 

However, throughout the six-year progress, Mendiola said that the prototype has evolved into a drone-like vehicle, completed with a seat for the driver

He took the inspiration from drone technology, hence, why his flying car resembles a lot like a drone

According to Mendiola, he wishes for his flying car to become the flying version of Lamborghini.

He also revealed his aspiration to mass produce the flying car and turn the idea into a commercial vehicle after developing it into a two-seater style.

Check out Mendiola’s amazing flying car and how it works here

Credit: Next Shark | Rappler


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