Persistent little girl shows creative solution by using fence to get on her horse


The average height of a horse is between 1.4 to 1.8 meters, quite tall for young children to mount on them but there is nothing that could stop this persistent girl from riding her horse.

Even when she needs to devise another backup plan when the horse is a bit too tall for her petite stature.

In this video that has gone viral all over the internet, this little girl proves that brain is over brawn when it comes to this situation

The creative girl named Addie was out riding her horse with her sister, Sara one fine day. Later, the horse was a bit parched so the girl decided to give it some water so she hopped off her horse.

However, she soon found out that it was not easy to hop on her horse back as it was to hop off. Addie was working out how to get on her horse again when she saw a fence.

Suddenly, a brilliant idea came to her mind and Addie climbed the fence

As the top of the fence was the same height as her horse’s back, Addie decided to use the fence as a ladder to get on the horse

Unfortunately, the horse was a bit too far from the fence so she climbed down and moved the horse closer to the fence

After making sure the horse was close to the fence, Addie went to the other side of the fence.

Then, she climbed it and held on to the saddle for support

Seconds later, the girl was already back on the horse!

Watch brainy Addie devises a creative solution to get on her horse here 

Credit: Facebook/ViralHog


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