Brazilian composer turns picture of birds sitting on wires into a stunning musical piece


Brazilian composer, Jarbas Agnelli was reading his newspaper at his home in Sao Paolo when he came across quite an intriguing picture of birds in the newspaper.

The picture shows a flock of black birds just casually hanging out on telephone wires. While to most people, the picture looks like any other scenes of birds sitting on wires, Agnelli thinks the picture looks quite familiar.

To the 46-year-old musician, the birds are sitting on a relatively strategic position that they look like an arrangement of music notes on a score

It does not take him long to cut the picture of birds and uses it to compose a song, based on the birds’ position.

Using xylophone, bassoon, oboe and clarinet, Agenlli comes up with an amazingly stunning musical piece!

Nevertheless, the composer remains humble as he gives the credit to the birds, admitting that it is not an original idea and that he just helps the birds to interpret the melody

Agnelli later posted his musical piece on Vimeo which later quickly went viral. Some artists described his work as “inspirational” while some complimented him for being creative and looking at a perspective that most people do not think of.

Who would have thought that the inspiration came from a picture of birds in the newspaper?

Check out Agnelli’s bird-inspired musical piece here 


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