Every evening this mother black bear and her cubs hang out in a family’s pool in Tennessee


Cindy Dorow rented a house in Gatlinburg, Tennessee for a family reunion in August 2016 but she never expected that a cute family of bears would invite themselves to the family reunion!

One evening, she noticed that a family of bears; a mother bear and her two adorable cubs visited the house yard.

The bears loved to roam around the property for a while before they dived into the outdoor pool!

Since then, the family of bears would come to the house every evening for a fun swimming and splashing time in the pool.

Luckily, the bears did not cause any damages and just wanted to enjoy the pool so Cindy and her family just let them roam free around the house

The bears usually went back to the wild after a moment of playing in the pool

As it was pretty bizarre and exciting to have bears swimming in the pool, Cindy thought of recording the bears playing and splashing water in the pool on camera

She later shared the adorable video on YouTube where it has quickly made rounds on the internet as many people found it amusing to see friendly bears genuinely enjoying swimming in a pool.

One viewer commented that the video is the cutest thing ever while some viewers praised Cindy for being generous and allowing the bears to take a brief dip in the pool.

The bears finally left the pool in style by climbing the fence effortlessly.

We have to admit that it is definitely fascinating and better than being at the zoo!

Watch the playful and adorable family of bears enjoying their time playing in the pool in this video here

Credit: YouTube/Cindy Dorow


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