Hilarious video compilation of playful dads pulling silly prank on their unsuspecting kids


Usually, it is the children who love to joke and play around with their parents but for these playful dads, it is the other way around!

This hilarious video compilation of dads pulling silly pranks on their kids will surely make burst into laughter.

It is common to see kids pulling a prank but this time, we can see where they have learned such tricks. Apparently, their parents are way cheekier and more creative than they think.

Some parents just cannot wait for April Fool’s Day to come to pull silly pranks on their kids and we have to admit that it is quite a smart plan.

From balloon cake for a little surprise on birthday to kitchen sink prank, these dads definitely bring the pranks to another level

However, sometimes, all they need is only a pair of slippers like this dad here who surprises his son with a hilarious prank

Or this dad here who only needs a bottle of water to prank his three children all at once!

“Bet you did not see this scary teddy bear coming!”

This little girl here certainly did not expect that the mini binocular that her dad gave her would leave a black ring around her eye. What a simple yet funny trick!

Watch this full video compilation of prankster dad pulling silly jokes on their unsuspecting kids here


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