Tender moment Andean condor visits the man who rescued and nursed it back to health to thank him


We often see beautiful and heartwarming stories of grateful dogs and cats who thank those who have rescued and nursed them back to health on social media but apparently, this kind of story is not limited to feline and canine only. 

This time, it is the story of Andean condor expressing its gratitude to the man who has rescued it from a serious injury.

This species of bird can be usually found in South America, particularly in the Andes mountainous ranges.

One day, somewhere in Neuquen province in Argentina, an Andean condor found itself in a plight after a very painful foot injury. The injury was so severe that it prevented it from flying which is essential for it to search for food and find the way home.

Thankfully, a kind-hearted man saw the injured bird and brought the bird home where he nursed it back to health.

After fully regained its health back, the bird was now ready to go back home and the man did not hesitate to let it free.

Nevertheless, the Andean condor does not simply forget the kind deed that the man did to it a long time ago

To repay for his kindness and to express for its endless gratitude, the Andean condor will sometime fly back to the man’s home to pay a visit

The bird will greet and behave like a gentle dog and let the man caresses its head

The heartwarming scene has touched millions of hearts around the world as people are astonished by the strong bond they share between each other

Plus, it is not every day that we get to see such majestic and wild bird like Andean condor could act like a domestic pet.

Watch this heartwarming scene between this Andean condor and the man who nursed it back to health here

Credit: wtvideo


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