Crafty dad uses only straws and rubber bands to style daughter’s hair in this simple hairstyle tutorial


What is more adorable father-daughter duo than this beautiful little girl who loves styling her hair and the creative dad who has a knack for hair styling?

While some parents admit that one of the hardest duties as parents is styling their daughter’s hair, single dad Greg Wickherst thinks that it is one of the joys of raising a daughter!

Not only does Wickherst takes good care of his five-year-old daughter, he also has various creative ideas to style her hair

One of his most creative ideas so far is using straws and rubber bands

Furthermore, his hairstyling idea does not even need heating tools. Simple and effective!

To create the look, Wickherst uses straws and rolls the hair around the straws, just like when you use hair rollers

After that, secure the roll with an elastic rubber band and leave it overnight

The next morning, all you need to do is to just gently shake out the curls and the result is a heat-free, amazing hairstyle that you can create in just a minute

This easy hairdo is definitely a must for busy parents who still want their daughter to look the best for school.

Plus, you also get to reuse the straws and the rubber bands, making it a very budget-friendly for a cost-savvy parent as getting new hair rollers, clips or trips to a salon can be very pricey sometimes.

Watch Wickherst’s amazing hair styling tutorial in this video here and see how simple it is 

Credit: Facebook/The Hair Dad


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