Dog overwhelmed with joy when it sees her favourite chew toy in a life-sized version


Jolene the golden retriever and her adorable reaction when seeing her favorite chew toy turning into a life-sized have stolen millions of hearts around the world and it is not hard to see why.

Jolene absolutely loves her Gumby chew toy and when she sees it in a giant version, she goes crazy over it!

Owner Emily Crisp knows how much her dog loves the stuffed Gumby toy so she decides to make a surprise for Jolene.

In the video, the golden retriever can be seen playing with her stuffed Gumby toy in the living room when Emily’s boyfriend, Ben Mesches walks into the room, dressed up in a Gumby costume!

Upon seeing the real-life Gumby walks into the room, Jolene immediately stops playing with her Gumby toy and looks up to Ben

She is clearly stunned to see a life-sized Gumby before her eyes!

Jolene then stands up and walks slowly towards the life-sized Gumby

When the golden retriever reaches life-sized Gumby, she quickly stands on her hind legs and gives him a long hug!

Her pure joy and surprise when seeing her favorite toy turning into a life-sized have melted millions of hearts when Ben later posted the video on YouTube with more than 14 million views.

Watch how happy Jolene is when she sees her favorite toy in a breathing, life-sized version in this video here

Credit: YouTube/Ben Mesches 


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