Heartwarming moment man with Down syndrome reunited with his dad after a week being apart


Matt Cobrink is 53 years old and he has Down syndrome. Throughout his life, Matt had never been away from his dad, Malcolm Cobrink until recently.

Matt spends most of his time with his best friend and dad, Malcolm and they had never been apart.

Nevertheless, he could not hide his excitement when he had the opportunity to meet his favourite baseball player

However, this meant that he had to travel across the country and being apart from his dad for a week

Matt’s sister, Marcy knew that how close the father-son duo so when Matt touched down at the airport when he returned from the trip, she knew that the mini reunion would be so adorable!

Luckily, she had her camera on to capture the heartwarming scene.

When Matt arrived at the arrival hall from the escalator, his eyes were only fixed on Malcolm.

As soon as he reached downstairs, Matt quickly ran over to his dad and gave him the sweetest kiss on his cheek

The pair embraced each other for a long time and it is clearly seen that Matt was so excited to see his dad again after a week

Marcy said that she was not surprised to see Matt’s reaction during the emotional mini reunion. She later posted the video on Facebook and it has drawn over millions of views

Some of the comments write that they are very touched by Matt’s pure reaction when he saw his dad

Marcy wrote in the caption that the video would help enlighten the public about people with Down syndrome. In her observation, these individuals are more caring and loving compared to normal people and that what makes them so special.

Watch the emotional and heartwarming reunion between these two besties in this video here

Credit: Facebook/Marcy Cobrink Mayer


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