Hokkaido residents show impressive manner by queuing patiently to enter supermarket following a deadly earthquake


The powerful earthquake with a magnitude 6.7 that has rocked Hokkaido on September 6 has caused electricity and public transportation disruptions throughout the prefecture.

The death toll has risen to 41 deaths with at least 300 injured and 29 others are still missing.

Since the powerful and terrifying earthquake took place, Hokkaido has been left reeling with a shortage of food supply.

In spite of the tragic earthquake and the shortage food supply, the local residents remain civil and well-mannered as they headed to the supermarkets that still have some food left in their stocks.

Seen in one supermarket in Sapporo is the absolutely eye-opening sight of local residents who queue patiently in line to buy supplies from the supermarket

The supermarket has lowered the price of the limited goods to as low as ¥100 (USD 0.89) per item like instant noodles and mineral water but the insane deal has not led the locals to forget their manner.

Even though the queue is long and some of the residents have been in the line for a few hours, Japanese once again show their first-class attitude and mentality to the world in the midst of a tragedy

One of the supermarket staff is reported describing the situation as controlled and calm as people wait patiently for their turn to enter the supermarket.

Watch the amazing footage of local residents in Hokkaido queuing to buy supplies from the supermarket in an orderly manner here


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