Little girl charms the audience with her own exciting dance routine during a preschool recital dance performance


Most of the time during a preschool dance recital, the preschoolers can be seen dancing to the song with a nervous smile on their face.

However, the opposite happened to this beautiful little girl who decides to break out into fancy dance moves during the recital.

While all of her friends were trying their best to recall which steps their teacher taught before, this little girl makes her call and grooves in her own way

The video shows the preschooler stands in between her friends as the song “Broadway Baby” begins.

Dressed up in a purple tutu, the girls seem ready to rock the stage with their dance moves

As the song progresses, three girls at the end of the dance line can be clearly seen dancing in their own beat.

While the other two girls try to catch up to the routine, the little girl in the middle just choreographs her own moves

Jordyn, the girl in the middle absolutely loves having fun in her own way on the stage.

Just look at how happy and delighted she is!

We just love the fact that the girl does not shy to show off her fancy dance moves throughout the entire performance!

Watch the adorable little girl dancing her heart away in her recital dance here

Credit: YouTube/Randall Burns 


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