This is the simplest and budget-friendly DIY hanging pot planter you can make under 5 minutes


Having plants around the house can be a game-changer for your home decor as they bring a refreshing and elegant image. 

However, these pot plants can take up so much space and for those who live in a small apartment, they might have to settle with only two or three pot plants.

Nevertheless, do not be quick to forget the idea of decorating your house with fresh plants as you can use this simple trick for all of your pots.

These hanging planters can save space and at the same time, avoid leaving a hole in your wallet too as they are very economical.

Using a rope and terracotta pot, you can easily make this hanging planter for your fresh plants.

First, lay down a rope on the floor in a ring shape

Then, take the right end of the rope and bring it to the center of the ring

Next, overlap the sides as shown in this screenshot

Take your terracotta pot and put it in the center of the overlapped sides 

Take the left end of the rope and bring it to the overlapped right ends

Next, bring the left end into the overlapped ring and pull it

Take the left end and bring it to the right side of the pot

Overlap the right loops with the left loop and pull the loops together

The result is a simple and easy hanging planter that is ready to be hung around your house!

Watch this easy DIY hanging pot planter tutorial in this video here


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