This latest farming system called aquaponics growing fish and plants in one system for amazing benefits


This latest innovative system is challenging traditional farming and it might be the most effective farming system ever created so far.

Combining two farming systems into one comprehensive system, aquaponics is the result of integrating aquaculture and hydroponic together.

Aquaculture is the farming of fish, crustaceans, mollusk and other aquatic plants. Meanwhile, hydroponics is a method of growing plants or crops without using soil. It uses water solvent which contains mineral nutrient solutions as the alternative medium to soil.

By growing fish and plants together in one system, this creates an

environment where waste is much less produced and the food chain helps the fish and plants to thrive better

The fish create waste that can be utilized by the plants, much like how fertilizer benefits the plants.

Microbes and worms present in the water helps to turn the fish waste into nitrates, a form of nitrogen that plants can use

In return, the plants can naturally filter the water for the fish, hence, eliminating the need to discharge water daily

Unlike in traditional aquaculture, the water usually has a high concentration of ammonia due to fish waste. In aquaponics, the microbes and worms will do their job and convert it into useful nitrates for plants.

This system also only uses about two per cent of the total amount of water used in traditional farming as both the plants and the fish rely on the same water

Amazing, isn’t it?

Watch this full video about aquaponics to find out more about this incredible farming system

Credit: Facebook/GIGadgets



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