Heartwarming moment kind-hearted rescuers try to free a raccoon trapped under a fallen tree


After a heavy windstorm, this adorable raccoon, unfortunately, ended up in a very unfortunate situation. Luckily, these kind-hearted rescuers acted fast!

Most of the time, wild animals manage to escape uninjured from a catastrophe in the wild, thanks to their animal instincts.

However, this one raccoon did not manage to run to a safer place as it was trapped under a fallen tree

The raccoon might have gotten trapped under the trunk when it tried to escape from the windstorm but luck was not on its side.

Thankfully, these rescuers were passing by the place when they noticed the little animal under the tree

The rescuers immediately made an attempt to lift up the fallen tree off the ground so the raccoon could be saved

The heartwarming scene shows the raccoon waits patiently as it looks on the rescuers to think of the best way to rescue it

At one moment, the adorable raccoon can even be seen trying to lend a hand by pushing the tree along with rescuers with its tiny hand. 

However, after a while, the tree proves to be quite a challenge for the rescuers to lift.

Later, one of the rescuers begins to dig out the ground beneath the raccoon in an attempt to free it

It does not take long for them to dig out the ground as the raccoon later can be seen wriggling its body out!

Watch this adorable raccoon giving full cooperation as it waits for the rescuers to free it from the fallen tree in this video here


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