These talented kids show off their powerful vocals while singing “You Raise Me Up”


The song “You Raise Me Up” can be quite a challenge to many singers as it requires the singers to have a powerful and incredible control of their vocal. 

However, these talented children effortlessly sing the song like they have been singing it throughout their lives!

The tricky song which was originally performed by Irish-Norwegian duo Secret Garden shot into global stardom after American singer Josh Groban performed a cover of it.

It is not an easy song to sing but Jeffrey Li, 10, and Celine Tam, 7, managed to tackle the song in a Chinese talent show in 2015

In spite of their tender age, Jeffrey who hails from Canada while Celine from Hong Kong performed a touching rendition of the difficult song in a spectacular performance

Both Jeffrey and Celine stunned the audience and the judges with their powerful vocals and it is even impressive that the two kids also have a strong stage presence

It is obvious that everyone in the studio was completely amazed by the young kids as soon as they began their singing the song

They must have not expected such incredible vocals from these young kids but Jeffrey and The talented kids shared a stage together and performed an amazing duet that has now gained millions of views on YouTube 

So far, the video has gained more than two million views on the social media alone.

Watch their stunning performance in this video here


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