Adorable video compilation of pandas and bears showing off their funny and silly side to visitors


Pandas and bears are probably two of the wild animals that are very popular among zoo visitors and it is certainly not hard to see why.

They are truly cute and charming!

In case you need more proofs on this, we have a hilarious video compilation that shows how adorable these furry and chubby animals are.

Here in the first video, two huge bears walk towards each other before one of them quickly scurries over to the other and jumps continuously. 

The other bear looks completely baffled by the unexpected action of his fellow bear!

Meanwhile, another video shows a panda trying to make an acrobatic move by balancing on his front paws on a large rock

Luckily, he knows how to use the glass behind him to support his fluffy body.

Unlike this panda here who does not seem to encounter any difficulties to climb up a tree

However, as it wants to move to another branch, it seems that he underestimates how big his bottom is! 

Even when he tries his best to pass through the branch, it seems like he will get stuck on the tree forever.

Compared to panda who just loves rolling around and make silly gags, these bears know how to capture the visitors’ hearts with their cute gesture. Look at this bear waving his paw to the camera!

Watch this hilarious video compilation to see these cute and funny bears and pandas here


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