Amazing encounter between a fearless dog barking continuously at a leopard before the predator gives up and walks away


This is a spectacular moment when a fearless dog bravely stands on his ground against a vicious predator, a leopard in India.

The brave dog was caught on camera barking at the leopard in front of visitors at Jhalana Safari Park in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

The dog was said to be walking with a limp leg along the safari trail when the jeep carrying the visitors came across him.

The canine later paused on the trail before he took a rest in the middle of the road and went to sleep.

A moment later, the visitors noticed that a leopard was stalking the dog from behind the bush and it was not long after that the leopard took his chance to attack the dog

One shot of the camera shows that the dog was completely taken by surprise when the lion jumped out of the bush and pounced on him.

However, the dog quickly counter-attacked the leopard, barking loudly at the predator

The leopard can be seen quite surprised by the courage showed by the dog.

The video later shows the leopard looking at the dog with a confused look before he walked away from the scene

The forest official commented on the encounter saying that the dog might have survived the attack due to them standing in the jeep behind him but we beg to differ

The brave dog definitely deserves all the credit for being fearless against the leopard!

Watch the brave dog fighting for his life against the leopard in this video here


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