One laughter leads to an unstoppable explosion of fits by a crowd in subway car


You might want to reconsider your friend list if you don’t have a buddy whose laughter itself is funnier than the joke. You know, the distinctive laugh that is surprisingly contagious can cause everyone in the room to inescapably erupt into a wake of laughter.

Well, that friend is caught guilty of the same crime in a subway! The subway car full of crowd is solemnly quiet and monotonous until a choir of laughs makes the everyday routine seems different and fun.

A woman leaning on a pole is looking at her phone when she laughs loudly from something she saw on the screen

Albeit not knowing why the passenger opposite her was laughing about, another woman was infected by it and started to chuckle

While it seemed rude to interfere at the innocent personal joke, the woman covered her mouth with both hands while trying to keep the contagious laughter in.

The second laughter prompted the initial passenger who had enjoyed her joke, to continue laughing even more and louder than usual.

People on the bench next to the pole she was leaning at started to hop on the train of fun and laughs too

Although the fun came from no apparent reason, the powerful laughter made other passengers from all the way back at the car to be convulsed in it as the camera zooms in to two women shaking while laughing

This simple joy definitely makes the day better for everyone in the train to be amused and laughing in unison.

Try not to laugh while you watch this video! Warning: it is highly contagious.

Video credit: Steve Mac


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