Japanese woman with a prosthetic left arm is a proud Paralympian, nurse, violinist, lecturer, wife and mother


More often than not, people tend to forget to be grateful of what they have. Either from going to the toilet at midnight or simply the ability to walk and run.

Until we have lost it. For Manami Ito, she was physically normal like the most of us until the winter of 2004 when the 20-year-old was involved in a road accident.

Albeit she went through a difficult time after amputating her arm, Manami Ito did not allow that to dampen her spirit.

4 years later, Manami Ito is proudly a Paralympian. She came in 4th in the 100m Breaststroke at the 2008 Beijing Paralympics and in 2012 London Paralympics, she was placed in top 8

She realized her dream of becoming a nurse and became the first nurse in Japan to have a prosthetic arm

Manami Ito is also a proud mother of a baby girl. As a specially challenged mother, Manami Ito remained positive and strong in caring for her baby

Using her foot to change diapers, she expressed that “There is no real hand but I can walk with my daughter because I have a feeling that I still have a hand in my hand. And one arm left.”

With the support from the love of her life, Manami Ito is taking leaps to protect her little happy family

But the one thing that amazes us, is how Manami Ito manages to do it all and still be able to play the violin with her prosthetic arm

She is here to prove that there are so many things that we could achieve by putting our right mind to it.

In the video below, superwoman Manami Ito is playing Thread by Miyuki Nakajima at the Takarazuka City General Welfare Center in Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan.

Photo credit: 伊藤真波



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