Simple and smart party games ideas for a fun crowd that requires no budget


Here are the main costs of throwing a great party: booze, food, party supplies and entertainment like DJ, performers and etc. But what if you can throw a talk-of-the-town party without spending so much?

Youtuber Outscord shows that you do so much even though you have so little! Things that you discard at the corner of your room or foods that are kept away in the kitchen can be turned into a game that brings out the challenging sides of your partygoers.

Baby rattle: Fill ball gums in a bottle and tape 2 similar sized soda bottles together like an hourglass

The first person to shake all the gums from top to bottom wins.

Movin’ On Up: Stack together 20 party cups (19 same color and 1 different color at the bottom)

Player have to re-stack the cup of the different color from top to bottom, one at a time.

Separation Anxiety: Pour all the M&M on the table with 5 empty cups

Player need to quickly separate the colors of each M&M into the cups.

Face the Cookie: You will only need one cookie and a player

Have them sit or stand, put a cookie on the forehead and player must move the cookie down from the forehead to their mouth without using their hands!

Magic Carpet Ride: Floor mat and some duct tapes

Channel your inner Aladdin and move from one point to the other on the floor mat without touching the floor at all.

Office Tennis: Crumpled paper, dustbin and cardboard pieces

Two players will have to pass the ball (crumpled paper) back and forth using the rackets (cardboard pieces) and score it into the goal (dustbin).

Of course, in all the games, the fastest player to complete the tasks wins! Beat the minute to win it!

Video credit: Blunt Kommunity


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