Small dog wows pedestrians by practicing its obstacle trick at a parking railing outdoors


Is the football league association scouting for new members? Cause there’s an enthusiastic little buddy taking his training seriously!

From what looks like a bichon frise, this smaller breed dog is normally kept as as an apartment pet due to its size and cheerful personality. Well, as space and equipment are limited in a small house, it is no wonder that this brown baby took it’s exercise time to the outdoors!

The tiny brown bichon frise first caught the pedestrian’s attention with its peculiar movements at the parking bay

When looked closer, the bichon frise is actually criss-crossing the parking railing by hopping from left to right and right to left

This is a form of sports practice normally done by athletes to improve their footwork and stamina.

This dog definitely sees the low parking rail as its playground and took a playful spin by doing exactly what humans do exercising

It is absolutely amazing as the parking rail is the same height as the little dog. It managed to hop from one end to the other without stopping or tripping over!

The person who captured the video even jokingly commented that “this is a dog with a boring life…”.

This is because most dogs will chase their own tails, chasing other smaller animals or digging garden soils if they’re caught doing any activities outdoors. Definitely not expecting a dog to do a ‘human’ exercise.

See if the little dog can inspire you get up and do your own exercise today!

Video credit: 萌寵樂園


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