100-year-old grandma celebrates her birthday by sharing one simple exercise that keeps her fit and healthy


Not many are lucky enough to have the opportunity to turn 100 years old and even those whose live a long life to be called a centenarian, some of them can barely stand on their feet without their walking stick.

However, this 100-year-old lady proves that turning a century old does not mean that one should be in fragile and weak.

Instead, this grandma celebrates her 100th birthday by running down the hallway at a full speed!

Known as Miss Bertie, this grandma gave wonderful and inspiring responses when Craig O’Neill interviewed her for the special occasion

One must have thought that Miss Bertie has a secret routine or pills that she religiously does and takes every day to keep her youthful looking and spirit but the grandma said that she put her faith in God and has been living that way for the past 100 years.

“What did I just say.. just keep your hand in God’s hands and keep for it, everything will be alright,” said Miss Bertie

She also thanked God for the blessing when O’Neill asked her how she felt like turning 100 years old.

Nevertheless, Miss Bertie does actually have a routine that keeps her fit and luckily, she was willing to share it with the world!

When O’Neill asked her what exercise does she do to keep her fit, Miss Bertie replied that she always does her routine of exercise daily after getting up from bed

She does different poses while holding the stick and that she repeats each pose 15 times a day

Watch this inspiring video of Miss Bertie and how she keeps fit and young even when she just turned 100 years old here

Credit: Daily Positive Info | Facebook/THV11


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