A blind beggar begs for whole day has little gains! But the situation turns around after a lady “re-writes a paragraph on the cardboard”


Remember the younger days when the teacher or a parent will always advise “think before you speak”? As we grow up, most of us will slowly realize the importance of speech and words in our lives as it can uplift or harm others.

Exactly how ‘a pen is mightier than a sword’, is shown in the video when words succeeded in turning the man’s life around completely.

The video begins with a man begging on a busy street

Although equipped with a plea signage, nobody regarded him or gave him any money to help out

A bypassing woman saw what was happening and rewrote the beggar’s message on the back

With the new message, people started to notice the man and gave him sympathies and extending their kindness in giving him money

When she returns the second time and approached the man, he asked her what did she wrote that gained so many people’s attention

She answered, “I wrote the same, but different words”.

From “I’m Blind. Please Help” to this

The change of words carries more impact with the society as it serves as reminder that there are unfortunate people with disabilities who are not able to perform daily activities like an average person.

With the same meaning, instead of telling people what he doesn’t have, the lady used the man as a reminder to people of what they have, that’s taken for granted. How the man can’t even enjoy simple things like looking up to the sky.

You may want to learn from the video on how words can change people’s lives.

Video credit: 生活萬事通



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