Boy pulls a terrifying prank on girlfriend by leaving her stranded on heights on a tiny plank


The current trend of digital world sees many daredevils and pranksters pulling tricks and shenanigans to be shared with the entire world. It is entertaining to watch when it is funny but for the person involved, they might feel completely different.

A relationship is nothing without trust so when the couple decided to challenge their fears, they have each other to rely on. This is when the boy decided to break the trust by pulling a prank on his girlfriend.

This is a popularly new fear-factor challenge at “Lichuan Fobao Mountain Scenic Area” in Hubei, China. The attraction is suspended over mountains, overlooking the vast terrain of China.

The couple were seen wearing suspension harness and holding each other tightly in the beginning

Challengers can cross the bridge alone or with someone else. So, it seems lovely that the boy is showing courage and giving support to his girlfriend that was clinging tightly to his wrists.

However, in a split second, the boy releases her grip and breaks into a run to the other side

It can be heard that the boy was laughing when he succeeded in his plan by cheating his girlfriend into the high-altitude challenge.

Immediately, the girl broke into tears due to her acrophobia, a fear of heights that puts her into anxiety and extreme stress 

While the abandoned girl can be heard crying her eyes out, the boy continued to be skipping to the exit in joy

Well, it is fun to play a joke on someone to lighten the atmosphere but this is definitely not funny to play around with people’s fear and manipulate their trust for a few seconds of joy.

The girl deserves a better man the appreciates her!

Video credit: Shanghaiist


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