Chinese grandpa and his two little granddaughters make the best dancing trio with their impressive and catchy moves


This Chinese grandpa and two adorable little girls may be one of the most unlikely dancing trios but their groovy dance move has swept the internet and million people absolutely love it!

In a video that has made rounds on the internet, a Chinese grandpa can be seen shuffling and swaying his hands to an eye-catching dance routine along with two little girls.

While a Chinese song plays in the back, the grandpa shows off his amazing footwork to the passersby who gather around

His intricate and fast footwork is definitely sensational!

As the song progresses, the grandpa proceeds to show some smooth shuffling moves

Meanwhile, the two cute little girls who are seen donning matching red dress trying to keep up with the grandpa’s funky dance moves

Even the little girls have quite a tough time to catch to the grandpa’s moves while the grandpa just casually shows off his dance moves

While many associate the elderly people with being fragile and slow, this fit grandpa definitely defies anyone’s stereotype about the elderly.

Just look at his fancy moonwalk and how he moves his hands like a superstar performing on the stage!

When the video was posted on the internet, many people were completely captivated by the trio’s dance moves. Some praise the grandpa’s impressive moves for pulling off the tricky choreography.

Watch this video of this sensational trio performing an amazing dance routine here


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