Tiny baby shrews follow their mother to form a long chain so they don’t get lost—now this is unity


Recently, one Facebook user came across a very adorable scene of a mother shrew and her tiny shrew children forming a long chain when he walked on the roadside.

In the video, user Khalid AlSiyabi shows a mother shrew leading her six young shrews offsprings as they scurry along the roadside.

As their mother shrew seems to be hunting for something, the six tiny shrew carefully follow her trace by holding on to their mother.

The shrews form a long chain as each of them trails behind the sibling at the front

The one-minute video reveals how the shrew cling onto the animal in the front so they do not get lost

Shrews have terribly poor eyesights which makes them form a chain when they travel to a destination.

Young shrews are almost blind so clinging on to their mother’s tail and the shrew in the front helps them to find their direction.

As the video progresses, the mother shrew can be seen leading her long chain of tiny shrew in and out of small holes on the roadside.

Possibly lost in her pursuit of direction, the mother shrew scurries on the ground in a zig-zag motion before she climbs over the pavement and disappears with her children.

Watch the incredible video of this shrew chain here:

Credit: Facebook/Khalid AlSiyabi


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