Man from Japan dubbed as “Lebron James of Stone Skimming” after emerged as champion at World Championship of Stone Skimming 2017


If you think stone skipping is something trivial that most people do to kill time during fishing or camping by the river, you ought to think again. 

Stone skipping has its own world championship and last year, a man from Japan whom fans of the sports dubbed as the “Lebron James of Stone Skipping” emerged as the champion.

Meet Keisuke Hashimoto, the man who won the World Stone Skimming Championship in Scotland last year

Hashimoto took over the title after defeating the former defending champion, Dougie Isaacs in the championship

He emerged as the world champion thanks to his record-breaking score of 169 meters

Meanwhile, Isaac scored 158 meters, 11 meters short of Hashimoto’s winning score. Isaacs has won seven titles in the championship since the last 12 years and is a regular presence at the unique sports according to Sunday Post

Stone skimming or stone skipping is the art of throwing a stone, usually, one that has flat sides across the water

The throwing technique allows the stone to cross the water as further as it could by bouncing off the surface of the water as many as possible.

The World Championship of Stone Skimming allows the players to make three attempts to throw a flat stone across water. All the distances combined will be used to determine the winner.

Check out how Hashimoto won his World Championship title in this amazing video here

Credit: Next Shark | YouTube/JollHoll


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