Black labrador enjoys splashing and swimming in her plastic pool to beat the summer heat


Summer heat means it is time for light fabrics and avoiding wearing dark clothing especially black colours as it can absorb more heat. 

However, for this black labrador, summer means finding ways to cool off the scorching heat with some fun time in the pool!

This adorable black labrador from Washington has a very amusing way to beat the summer heat.

In the heartwarming video that his owner shares, Teal the Labrador loves splashing water in a plastic pool 

She absolutely loves swimming and paddling in the cool water and that includes some splashing actions

The video shows Teal enjoys splashing up a storm in the pool

The adorable dog can be seen taking a brief break after a moment before resuming her water-splashing fiesta.

At one moment, Teal sticks out his tongue to show how much fun he has playing in the pool

She even takes a chance to stand on his hind legs in the pool, probably trying to find new ways to enjoy the cool water before she hits the edge of the plastic pool.

The adorable clip with a duration of 1:24 minute show how much Teal loves her plastic pool and it seems that she got the entire pool all to herself with no one else in sight to share the pool!

Check out how Teal the cute Labrador beats the summer heat in this clip here

Credit: Viral Hog


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