Brave cyclist risks her life to rescue runaway dog in the middle of busy streets in Mexico City


One cyclist in Mexico City recorded a video of her chasing after a dog in the middle of a busy road and it is absolutely nerve-wracking. 

The tense footage which has made rounds on the internet was first posted on Twitter by the cyclist who goes by the username @calveritabike.

The footage begins with the cyclist trying to get a hold of the panicked dog who can be seen trailing its leash in the middle of the busy streets of Mexico City’s Avenida Revolución

She spent two-minutes riding on her bicycle to catch the dog who ran with all his might across the street

The footage even shows the cyclist shouting in shock and terror as the dog gets run over by two cars during the pursuit

Thankfully, the dog is left unharmed as he continues to run further down the street.

In the video, the cyclist shows her desperate attempt to rescue the dog as she gives a signal to drivers to slow down to avoid running over the dog

As the footage progresses, the dog can be seen running across the roadside before he eventually gets caught by one of the passersby who quickly grabs its leash

The extraordinary pursuit later sees the lady returning the dog to its owner. Nevertheless, she later urged the public to look after their pet on her caption of the video.

Watch how the cyclist risked her life to rescue the runaway dog in the busy street in Mexico City in this video here

Credit: Twitter/@calveritabike


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